Showpony Hosting Amsterdam

Providing the right hosting during your event, festival, store opening, product launch or show is our speciality. From huge conferences with hundreds of Showpony hosts per day in the Rai in Amsterdam to amazingly styled hosts that flawlessly fit the theme of a gigantic dance event in a football stadium. A typical Showpony host is spontaneous, assertive, flexible and outgoing, appropriately representing a brand or location, welcoming visitors and creating the desired atmosphere of an event.
Showpony levert hosts voor alle gelegenheden.

In addition, Showpony provides the right look and feel, to ensure that our hosts stand out from the crowd and match your event. The possibilities are endless and with our in-house styling department, we create the right combination of people and styling, perfectly matched to your event, location or brand. 

Hosting valt onder Showpony.Work , onze tak voor flexwerk in horeca, promotiewerk en hosting voor evenementen en congressen.