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Showpony Amsterdam

Throughout the years we have gathered a lot of Showponies! We don't limit ourselves to just the finest looking people of the world, but we look further and deeper to discover all kinds of talent. This resulted in roster with limitless possibilities. Our age-range differs from 14 till 35 years.

We provided an overview of all the OTHER things Showpony can provide you:

Extras & Television shows

We provide extras and even actors for a wide array of TV & online shows. For a fair price, we equip you with the best and spontaneous extras on set.

Because of their experience within Showpony activities, the extras will be professional, well-mannered and groomed at all times.

"Real people"

Next to our models, we have a great amount of “real people” in our roster. If you are looking for a “skaterboy with dreadlocks” or the typical “girl next door” or just a “young parents”, we have them. Let us know what your casting call is, and we'll select a group of people to meet those characteristics.


Because of our wide array of dancers and good looking outgoing Showponies, we often receive request for music videos for well-known artists. For a leading part, supporting roll or simply as background, contact us and let us know!

Specific appearances

Are you looking for a redhead, freckled faces, tattoos all over or someone with heterochromia? A Giant or small people? We have them all for you!


Currently, influencers on various social networks are an unmissable link in a complete promotion strategy. A lot of our Showponies created a huge following online. We can help you get in contact with some influential It-girls and boys, who can boost your campaign or brand on different social channels.

In short, for every size, kind or branch, we have a Showpony to fit your needs. If you need one or huge numbers of good looking Showponies, we have them!

Others & More