Promo Teams

Promotion Showpony

Showpony is known for its rock-solid promotional work. With clients such as Jagermeister, Bacardi and Rituals, we do promotional jobs in the broadest sense of the word.

Our promotional teams stand out for their spontaneity and assertiveness, as well as their daring and outgoing nature. These promotional toppers can be deployed flexibly over a specific period, such as the summer months or a one-off job for a product launch. With a palpable presence and a good sales pitch, Showpony promotion teams will get your product noticed! As many Showponies have experience in hospitality and hosting, they are flexible and all-round for any kind of Brand Activation.

Good to know; Showpony takes care of the entire execution of your activation, from storage of materials, taking care of all supplies to carrying out the actual promotions.

In addition, we like to be involved in your creative process. We like to think along with you to detail your activation or idea, from initial seed to fully executable plan. Team Showpony is ready to take the entire process off your hands and carry it out, hassle free. Not just in Amsterdam, but throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.