We are Showpony

Showpony is an all-round booking and production agency.

Showpony is the modeling, entertainment and hospitality agency for real, creative and outgoing people. Showpony specializes in people! As a Showpony you will work for the best known brands and companies on events, brand activations, fashion shows, photo shoots, films and commercials. We have Showpony's in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for someone with a very specific look or someone with a special skillset, our well-stocked database offers a wide range of multi-talents that can be used at events, brand activations, fashion shows, photo shoots, movies and commercials.

Furthermore it is good to know that Showpony can do the entire execution of your project! We will work with you to take your idea from seed to full implementation. Team Showpony is ready to take the entire process off your hands and execute it. From art-direction to storage of materials, to all the necessary people. We are happy to be involved in your process.

The Start

In 2010 Showpony was founded by Josje van Hagen. Her background in Hospitality (Jimmy Woo), TV (MTV) and Casting (A Million Faces) provided the perfect combination to start this unique company. With a large network, a sincere interest in people and a sharp eye, she has built Showpony into a unique company in the modern media landscape and has become a household name in the Netherlands.

The Team & Our Mission

In the office we work with a young, characterful, hard-working and close-knit team. We have a permanent core supported by part-timers, interns & external creatives! The Showpony family consists of: Josje, Gino, Zosha, Kasper & French bulldog James.  We also have a styling team that works on costume design and styling concepts on a daily basis.

Together we work every day with 100% energy, lots of laughter, hard work and noses in the same direction to make Showpony what it is today.

Want to know more?

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